Deactivated the Facebook account. In my profile feed this morning, a Facebook friend had shared a video of someone calling himself the “virtual president”. In the video, the virtual president was speaking of the dangers of gun control, an agenda of falsehood perpetrated by the politicians in power. The video was cut with sampled scenes of State of the Union speeches. Paul Ryan and others weighing the value of his words.

The subtext that chills me isn’t about the content of that video, disturbing as it is, but in the act of the “share”.

I remember in 2003 as an 18-year-old when Faceook came rolling through the dorms of NYU. What an exciting time that must have been for those early engineers and designers in Palo Alto, building the thing. I didn’t sign up then – didn’t like that it put me in a grid. But I created an account five years later, when it became too tempting to know what past acquaintances of my life were up to now.

What a thing it has become since then. I don’t feel I fully understand it; not in a way I could write about it presently.

Leaving Facebook may be difficult, and even untenable – for sure will I have to play a more active role in seeking out information, on all sorts of levels. I’ll certainly have to play a more active role in communicating with friends and family. A challenge I think will do me an immeasurable amount of good. Damn, it feels good to be free of Facebook.