I made my first personal website on Angelfire when I was about fifteen. Over the years, numerous personal band and DJ-related websites followed. It’s nice to have a home, and a few months in, this one is really starting to give me joy.


I’ve experimented with Jekyll here and there over the past few years, and this is my first published website using it - what an engine Jekyll is! It seems willing to do whatever you’d like it to do, and uses metadata and templating to make wonderful organization and presentation systems

But, with no database comes its own constraints. I host the website for free with Github pages, but am storing the full code (other than just the static site Jekyll produces) in a separate branch, so that I can work on the site from any computer if need be. Things get a bit complicated with deployment - I have to make use of a Git sub-tree, which I still quite honestly don’t fully understand yet, and, well, sometimes run into merge issues with. But it’s free.


The theme I’ve created is called Unicorn Sundae, because this is my website and I get to have fun. It’s pretty basic - no Javascript at the time of writing this. I’m using Financier by the Klim Foundry, and Hind from Google Webfonts (saving those pennies for some more Klim fonts!).

For me, it’ll be fun to see how the theme develops as time and gumption permit. Thus far, I’ve put all my focus into providing good readability and accessibility. I look forward to some expressive design efforts – something one always hopes to include in a website.

I hope that you find it worthy – feel free to drop me a line about anything related to it.