Scott Birdsey

Hey – welcome!

I’m Scott Birdsey,

a web designer & cyclist in Albany, NY.

I’m a web designer & developer

I seek to design and build websites and apps that feel good to use.
My primary work experience is a healthy combination of web design,
front end development, and content management system wranglin’.

Want to know more? Well, I approach work on the web uncomplicatedly.

  1. A defining of what a website needs to do and how exactly it will do it. A plan is pretty useful, no?
  2. From a plan, design & content – both based around brand and use – naturally come forth.
  3. Code-base development and authoring tools are produced, with a focus on performance and accessibility.

I enjoy working in all three of the capacities above. Want to work together? Contact me.

I’m also a member of the bike racing community

Scott racing his bike.

Cycling found me in 2015 as a longtime smoker craving new adventure and happier lungs. In a few short years, the bike-racing community has become a major focal point of my life.

Aside from currently launching my very own cycling apparel brand, I am Creative Director for NYCROSS, a cyclocross series in the Northeast, and a boardmember of Capital Bicycle Racing Club. Say hello to me on Instagram.

My humble race highlights


  • 1st, Downtown White Plains Criterium (NYS Criterium Championships), Cat 4
  • 1st, Prattsburgh Gravel Classic (NYS Gravel Racing Championships), Intermediate
  • 4th, Black Fly Challenge, Overall
  • 6nd, Rockland County Supercross, Cat 3
  • 7th, GP of Gloucester, Cat 3


  • 1st, Tour of the Battenkill, Cat 5
  • 2nd, Tour of the Hilltowns, Cat 5
  • 2nd, Capital Region Road Race, Cat 5
  • 2nd, Uncle Sam Grand Prix (NYS Cyclocross Championships), Cat 4
  • 1st, Cross Out Child Abuse, Cat 3/4