Scott Birdsey

Hey – welcome!

I’m Scott Birdsey,

a web designer & cyclist in Albany, NY.

I’m a web designer

I’ve been working on the web for the past decade as both a designer and developer.
An effective website or app, in my experience, conquers these three challenges:

  1. Define what precisely a website exists for.
  2. Design a content structure and design based around use and brand.
  3. Develop the code-base and, if applicable, authoring tools, with an eye for accessibility and performance.

Want to work together? Contact me.

I’m also an amateur cyclist

My journey into racing bikes began in 2015 as a 15-years-long smoker. I was craving new adventure and cleaner lungs. Now I race road, cyclocross, and cross-country. I am Creative Director for the NYCROSS series, a five-event cyclocross series in the Northeast, and a boardmember of Capital Bicycle Racing Club. I am the race director for Troy, and a brand ambassador for KTM Bike Industries.

I like to think about bike racing almost as much as I like to do it. So, you can expect lots of writing here on the topic.

My humble race highlights


  • 1st, Downtown White Plains Criterium (NYS Criterium Championships), Cat 4
  • 1st, Prattsburgh Gravel Classic (NYS Gravel Racing Championships), Intermediate
  • 4th, Black Fly Challenge, Overall
  • 6nd, Rockland County Supercross, Cat 3
  • 7th, GP of Gloucester, Cat 3


  • 1st, Tour of the Battenkill, Cat 5
  • 2nd, Tour of the Hilltowns, Cat 5
  • 2nd, Capital Region Road Race, Cat 5
  • 2nd, Uncle Sam Grand Prix (NYS Cyclocross Championships), Cat 4
  • 1st, Cross Out Child Abuse, Cat 3/4