Scott Birdsey

Hey – welcome!

I’m Scott Birdsey,

a web designer & amateur cyclist in Albany, NY.

I’m a web designer

I’ve been working on the web for the past decade as both a designer and developer.
An effective website or app, in my experience, conquers these three challenges:

  1. Define what precisely a website exists for.
  2. Design a content structure and design based around use and brand.
  3. Develop the code-base and, if applicable, authoring tools, with an eye for accessibility and performance.

I’m currently working on getting some, well, work onto the site to share –
in the meantime, feel free to contact me.

I’m also an amateur cyclist

My journey into racing bikes began in 2015 as a 15-years-long smoker. I was craving new adventure and cleaner lungs. I race cyclocross with NYCROSS and road with Capital Bicycle Racing Club, of which I am also a board member. I am the race director for Troy, NY’s cyclocross weekend, the Uncle Sam Grand Prix, and a brand ambassador for KTM Bike Industries.

I like to think about bike racing almost as much as I like to do it. So, you can expect lots of writing here on the topic.

My humble race highlights


  • 1st, Downtown White Plains Criterium (NYS Criterium Championships), Cat 4
  • 1st, Prattsburgh Gravel Classic (NYS Gravel Racing Championships), Intermediate
  • 4th, Black Fly Challenge, Overall
  • 2nd, Myles Standish Forest Road Race, Cat 4
  • 7th, GP of Gloucester, Cat 3


  • 1st, Tour of the Battenkill, Cat 5
  • 2nd, Tour of the Hilltowns, Cat 5
  • 2nd, Capital Region Road Race, Cat 5
  • 2nd, Uncle Sam Grand Prix (NYS Cyclocross Championships), Cat 4
  • 1st, Cross Out Child Abuse, Cat 3/4